The Ladies’ Mile

The Ladies’ Mile is Sweden’s largest athletic event for women. The competition started in 1984 and employees at Geelmuyden.Kiese have co-operated with The Ladies’ Mile since 2006.

When we received the assignment, the interest around The Ladies’ Mile had been dwindling for several years. Even though the race was still Sweden’s largest athletic event for women, the decreasing number of participants was becoming a problem for sponsors in particular. Since the race is held annually in late summer, visibility through the rest of the year was almost non-existent. The assignment was partly that of increasing the visibility of The Ladies’ Mile, and partly increasing the number of participants.

The communication around The Ladies’ Mile was built around the runners themselves. Throughout the years we have tied several celebrities to the race as ambassadors, among others Mari Jungstedt, Denise Rudberg, Unni Drougge, Moa Herngren, Emma Hamberg, Mia Törnblom and Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth. The ambassadors have spoken about The Ladies’ Mile on several media occasions and participated in interviews both prior to and after the race.

Many runners are loyal and proud of participating in The Ladies’ Mile and the achievement it represents. In 2011, we therefore chose to make the runners ambassadors online to spread the joy and the atmosphere to other girls. The hub of the communication was The Ladies’ Mile’s Facebook page where the runners were encouraged to participate in blog activities.

From barely 20 000 participants in 2005, there were 30 000 starters for The Ladies’ Mile 2011 that were filled already in July. Over 500 articles about the race were published in the period June to September. Everything from news media to lifestyle media paid attention to the race and TV4 News Morning covered the event live with a reporter. «The Ladies’ Mile» was even on the top 10 list of Google search words that increased the most while the race was going on. From May to September, the race was mentioned 7 500 times on blogs, compared to 3250 times during the corresponding period the previous year.