Synoptik’s Online Eye Test

A PR launch of Synoptik’s online eye test generated 15,000 visitors to Synoptik’s web site compared to the day before.

Synoptik launched the online eye test in the spring of 2011. The test is a quick way to determine if you need to go see your optician and have your eye sight checked. The test asks you to highlight letters on the screen that gradually become smaller, just like the eye test your optician uses. Synoptik wanted media coverage of the online eye test to increase online traffic to the eye test.

Geelmuyden.Kiese focused on one media angle, namely that Danes are already used to do their banking business and shopping online, and are ready to get their eye sight tested online as well. The story was pitched to national newspapers and tech-media’s online newsrooms.

Both Politiken and Berlingske Tidende, as well as a wide range of tech-media published articles on the subject on March 21st 2011, with direct links to the online eye test. The following day 16,703 users got an online eye test on Synoptik’s website.