Philips Nivea for Men

The PR-campaign for Philips Nivea for Men was carried out on a Nordic level and was rewarded a Spinnguld Award in the category Best Nordic Campaign.

The assignment consisted of doing PR for a grooming appliance for wet shaving with built-in shaving lotion. The groomer already existed on the market and was now being reintroduced in an upgraded version. Philips’ problem was that despite its unique product qualities, it wasn’t achieving the desired effect. Attention in the media had been limited and the awareness among consumers about the product was low.

The strategy consisted of creating a concept where the groomer’s product qualities, such as gentleness and moisturizing, were placed into a larger context of male vulnerability. The purpose of the concept was to strengthen and broaden the Philips brand as the one that really understands men’s nature and needs.

The Vulnerable Man is an alternative male ideal that pays tribute to the everyday hero that dares to be emotional and vulnerable. The campaign was carried out in three phases. In phase one, we arranged press conferences at SPA workshops where journalists were invited to a morning of recreation and reflection. With algae baths, soft terry cloth and carrot drinks, lifestyle journalists personified The Vulnerable Man, completely fearless of appearing feminine or as sissies. In phase two, we launched a web campaign where people were given the opportunity to speak about their own vulnerability, and in phase three we carried about a guerilla tactic by erecting a statue of The Vulnerable Man on Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm.

Philips strengthened its brand as a male grooming expert and the campaign webpages had in total 1,48 million visitors, where 1,1 million were unique visitors. The unique visitors were the equivalent to 4,4 percent of the Nordic population and 7,2 percent of the Nordic male population. The sale of groomers increased by 12 percent from August to September, which was 4 percent more than what Philips aimed for.