Drive Green

30 million readers, listeners and viewers were attentive when the Danish Transport Authority launched the consumer targeted PR-campaign with a simple call to action. This was particularly interesting for the media, where one otherwise doesn’t address those interested in cars.

The Danish Transport Authority wished to make PR a more integral part of their Drive Green campaign, which promotes the Authority’s ten pieces of driving advice and encourages Danes to drive more energy efficient. The PR-effort had several obvious challenges. The driving advice is not new, they appear to be technically complicated and the potential for economic expenditure cuts through energy efficient driving were theoretical. At the same time, only niche and motor media has shown interest in energy efficient driving.

The Danish Transport Authority developed a story about Danes expensive and bad driving habits based on the Authority’s numbers and estimates. The strategy was to de-emphasize the energy angle and instead focus on the money Danish drivers can save. By doing so, the Danish Transport Authority increased the effect in consumer and lifestyle media rather than in motor magazines and broadened the message so that it reached out to the entire population.

During the six month long campaign, the Danish Transport Authority organizes different events that constantly create new angles in the media. Among others, the Authority invited journalists to a Drive Green course, provided driving advice before the summer’s car vacation and held competitions, where companies competed to drive the most energy efficient. In addition, the Authority frequently released new estimates of how much different example families could save each year by driving green.

The consumer targeted strategy gave results. Over 300 articles and appearances during the six month long campaign in 2011. Included in these were longer appearances in TV-avisen, Radioavisen, Good Morning Denmark and P4 Smutvejen, which helped get the message out to more than 30 million readers, listeners and viewers and increased the visitor numbers on the campaign website drastically. A total ROI of 9,28 measured in PR-value.

According to the Danish Transport Authority’s project manager, the priority of PR in 2011 was the best investment of the entire campaign.