A life-giving project

Geelmuyden.Kiese’s campaign led to a record increase in the number of blood donors in Norway and changed the attitudes towards blood donation.

In 2009, the Blood Bank in Oslo advertised an open competition for a two year recruitment campaign for blood donors, set to start in 2010. Geelmuyden.Kieses recommended solution involved a short term goal of recruiting at least 4000 new blood donors in Oslo, while it set a long term goal to change the public’s opinions by breaking down myths about blood donation.

In order to achieve these goals, we chose to integrate PR and “bellwether instruments” in an attempt to portray blood donors as heroes, maximize visibility in the media and create ambassadors for the blood donor cause, as well as engaging young, potential blood donors.

We chose a new semantic and a new visual connection to the cause by, among other things, focusing on community-minded “life givers”, rather than “blood donors”. The life givers were no longer ordinary, but rather part of an exclusive group of community-minded citizens.

Through social media we sought to engage young people, and Facebook pages were set up for both the campaign and the Blood Bank in Oslo.

The campaign was launched with high visibility and profiled spokespersons in Holmenkollen on September 6th 2010. Well-known bloggers, leading politicians and popular artists contributed thereafter to media profiling. Oslo’s Mayor, Fabian Stang, led the cause on the Blood Donor Day of 2011 and following the terror attacks of July 22nd 2011.

Through this campaign, blood donation gained new value in Norway. 2010 became the best blood donor year in history, with a national increase in the number of blood donors from the previous year of 53,4 percent. The number of blood donors in Oslo increased by 42,3 % in 2010 and an additional 10% in 2011.

2010 witnessed a 107 percent increase in new registrations on, the webpage used for Red Cross’ blood program. The month of the campaign launch is the month in history with second most new registrations on this webpage