Nordic Solutions

Communication should always be adapted to the audience. This is particularly relevant when communicating across borders. If the communicative effort is to be effective, it must be adapted to the markets of every country it addresses. Too often, organizations with Nordic operations waste money and resources engaging different agencies in affiliate countries instead of using one Pan-Nordic agency, capable of planning and implementing strategies and campaigns across the Nordics.

At Geelmuyden.Kiese, we develop unified Nordic communications solutions that and can be implemented across channels and borders. Due to our Nordic roots, we have thorough insight into all Nordic markets. Consequently, our clients can utilize the synergy and streamlining of integrated communicative solutions that can be implemented in all Nordic countries.

Geelmuyden.Kiese is one of the biggest communications agencies in Scandinavia and one of the most experienced in terms of Pan-Nordic strategic communication. Today, half of our work is carried out across the Nordic borders by our offices in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm as well as our partner office in Helsinki.

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Geelmuyden.Kiese Oslo
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Geelmuyden.Kiese Copenhagen
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