About Us

Geelmuyden.Kiese is Scandinavia’s largest partner-owned company within strategic communications consultancy and the largest communication agency in Norway.

We believe in communication not for its own sake but for the changes effective communication can effect. We call it shifting power for the benefit of our clients and we do so in accordance with our core values:

Openness Without openness there is no information. It is that simple. We consider transparency a necessity for creating involvement and a creative corporate culture. Transparency is also essential for those who want to build confidence in themselves and their clients.

Proactivity With a proactive approach, we solve problems before they occur – and we have the answers ready before the questions are raised. We watch safeguard our clients’ interests and monitor their markets every day and it is our goal always to be one step ahead. We take responsibility and make sure that what needs to be done is done.

Integrity Without integrity you get no respect. And without respect there is no cooperation. We stand by our beliefs. Our employees do not change their minds according to how the wind blows, we do not echo clients or give unclear advice, and we will not give up our personal integrity. But we listen and we are willing to change our minds when new knowledge and good arguments call for it.

Humor It must be fun to work at Geelmuyden.Kiese. Humor is an important ingredient in all serious work. Without humor, even the greatest thoughts and most creative ideas become boring. With humor, the mind is set free and ideas are allowed to develop. And this results in a better job.




Geelmuyden.Kiese Oslo
Lille Grensen 7 (entrance at Arbeidergata)
N-0159 Oslo
Phone: + (47) 481 88 800
Crisis number: (+47) 416 12345

Geelmuyden.Kiese Copenhagen
Jorcks Passage 1A, 3.sal
DK-1162 København K
Phone: + (45) 33 95 96 97
Crise number: (+45) 41 444 112

Geelmuyden.Kiese Stockholm
Kornhamnstorg 61, 3 tr
111 27 Stockholm
Phone: (+46) 8 566 26000
Crisis number: (+46) 8 410 465 64